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Plug BadTVShader into React Three Fiber

10/7/20211 min read

I've been building a scene in R3f and wanted to pull in the awesome Bad TV Shader by Felix Turner and have it affect a video stream on a plane. It took me a while to figure this out so I'm going to write it down here.

import {VideoTexture } from "three";
import {useFrame} from 'react-three-fiber'

const TV = ({videoElement}) => {
  /* Create a ref to access the shader later*/
  const shaderRef = useRef();
  /* Update the shader's time uniform value every frame */
  useFrame(() => {
    if (shaderRef.current) {
      shaderRef.current.uniforms.time.value += 0.04;

  /* Create a ThreeJS Video Texture for a given preconfigured video element */
  const videoTexture = new VideoTexture(videoElement);

  return (
        <planeGeometry args={[0.4, 0.3, 20, 1]} />
            /* Set shader ref */
            /* Pass the shader into the args array */
            /* Attach ShaderMaterial to the mesh as a material */
            /* Set the uniform value for tDiffuse to the video texture */
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