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Mourne Walks

Mourne Walks

A 3D tour of the famous walk of Slieve Donard in the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland. Written in Preact and using Mapbox, this project is entirely configurable through GeoJSON.

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3D colors application

3D Colors

An app build with React Three Fiber which processes an image from a URL and uses that data to draw spectacular visuals in a 3D world

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3D lettering spelling

Gravity + 3D text

A React Three Fiber experiment using physics from the cannon library via the useCannon hook

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Image of earth

Earth and Mars ThreeJS experiment

ThreeJS experiment in uv and bump displaying the earth and mars

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International Space Station as a banana

International Space Station banana tracker

A cesium experiment where I track the ISS in real time with a banana and glowing tail

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Planes as bananas

Every plane in the sky, but bananas

A cesium experiment where I display one banana for every plane in the sky in real time

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Covid locations as bananas

NSW Covid Bananas

A cesium experiment where I show each covid location in NSW as a banana and have implemented a location proximity detector

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Image of 360 degree space

360 Panorama viewer

A React Three Fiber and React Dropzone 360 degree panorama viewer. A 360 degree image is painted on the inside of a large sphere which the viewer's camera is inside giving the experience of a panorama viewer

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A gallery of 360 degree blog-images

House tour implementation of 360 degree panorama viewer

A specific implementation of the above panorama viewer for a specific house tour

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