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Today I learned

Plug BadTVShader into React Three Fiber
Qt is pronounced "cute"
Adding a right click to iPadOS for mouse and trackpad
Royal Mail consumes nearly one billion red rubber bands a year
CNAME/MX/NS targets must end in a dot
Open NEM is an open platform for National Electricity Market Data in Australia
How to use <dialog> to build a barely-any-JS lightbox gallery
You can graft pear trees onto quince rootstocks to produce fruit quicker
The .io TLD is registered to the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean but it is controlled by the UK
China uses a geodetic datum which provides obfuscation by adding 100-700m offsets on points in the WGS-84 projection
Mozilla made a WebXR emulator browser extension
You can have different ssh keys for different git projects by configuring hosts in the .ssh/config file
Frogs don't drink water, they absorb it through their skin
HTML image lazy loading is as simple as `loading="lazy"`
The `<ins>` and `<del>` elements
FormData won't pickup disabled form items and checkboxes don't have a readonly state
Pythagoras invented a cult called Pythagoreanism
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