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NNPM uses your .gitignore file

03.07.20161 Min Read

The Problem I recently published a package to npm and got an issue raised on Github to tell me that the build artifact hadn't been published. The helpful person who raised the issue informed me that…

EError handling in Express with Async/Await routes

25.05.20162 Min Read

Async/Await for me is one of the best things to not quite happen to JavaScript yet. As we all know from Object.observe, you're never really sure what's going to end up in a language until it actually…

bbabel-plugin-transform-async-to-module-method gotcha

08.05.20162 Min Read

We have been using ES7 Async/Await with and bluebird co-routines for about a month now. This has been working great for us in most cases. Although we started noticing an issue when we've been using…