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babel-loader's hidden feature - babelrc:false

8/21/20162 Min Read

I've spent 3 days configuring Webpack and babel to deal with CSS Modules while doing server-side rendering. I've just discovered an undocumented setting in Webpack's babel-loader that solves the mystery of disappearing css.

On the server, I've got a .babelrc file which uses babel-plugin-css-modules-transform.

{ "presets": ["es2015-node4", "react"], "plugins": [ "add-module-exports", "syntax-async-functions", "transform-async-to-generator", "transform-class-properties", "transform-object-rest-spread", ["css-modules-transform", { "generateScopedName": "[name]__[local]___[hash:base64:5]", "extensions": [".styl", ".css"], "preprocessCss": "./stylus-require-hook.js" }] ], "ignore": ["./stylus-require-hook.js"] }

On the client side, I've got webpack building my code, I'm using the babel-loader to transform my JavaScript and I've set up a regex to catch all the .styl files and push them through the stylus loader, then the css loader with the css modules configuration and finally to the style loader.

I could get the server side code to correctly create the hashed module names, but on the client, I couldn't get Webpack to pick up the stylus file that I created so I could transform it into css modules. I checked out the regex's multiple times and every other setting I could find. I'd rewritten my Webpack config at least twice from scratch and still I was getting this issue. My build output wouldn't contain any css files despite using the Extract Text Plugin.

I eventually checked out the javascript created from my build and discovered that it contained a lot of css attribute names and this is when it clicked. My babel-loader config was picking up my server side .babelrc and running my stylus files through the css module transform.

I'd checked the documentation a few times but I couldn't see anything about the default functionality of picking up the .babelrc file. This is a weird default because we compile to different targets with different features for server and web.

I discovered the settings babelrc: false in one of the github issues and gave it a go. It has to be supplied as an attribute on the query object passed to babel-loader.

It should look like this:

{ test: /\.js/, exclude: /(node_modules|bower_components)/, loader: 'babel', query: { babelrc: false, presets: ['es2015', 'react'], plugins: [ 'transform-class-properties', ['transform-es2015-classes', { loose: true }], 'add-module-exports', 'transform-async-to-generator', 'syntax-async-functions', 'transform-object-rest-spread', 'transform-runtime' ] }

This means that the babel-loader will only use the settings you've provided to it in the query object allowing you to have entirely different babel configurations for both client and server.

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